Working with students one on one allows the student to receive individualized lesson plans and strategies chosen for him or her specifically.  Since I am trained in the Orton Gillingham approach, all materials and strategies are language based. Lessons include exercises in phonics, spelling, vocabulary, writing, grammar and oral reading.   Using various multi sensory techniques and on-line interactive learning web sites, the student is able to keep focused while engaging the whole brain.

The Orton Gillingham Approach

There are two levels of word attack:

First:  Rote

     Students learn, through a structured sequence, letter sounds, the six types of syllables, syllable division, high frequency sight words, f, l, s words, and k/ck, ch/tch, ge/dge words.

Second:  Reasoning

     Students learn, through a structured sequence and words parts.  This includes base words and suffixes, advanced word attack (Latin, Greek code, accenting), and roots, prefixes, and suffixes from Latin and Greek.

     The OG approach is language-based, multi sensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, cognitive, flexible, and emotionally sound.  It is adaptable therefore it is a philosophy rather than a system.